Monday, April 23, 2012

Half-Moon Monday: Essie and OPI

What a glorious Monday!  I didn't have to go to work today so I took my time getting ready, had some coffee and headed to Ulta.  I had planned on going somewhere else afterward, but my wallet said "no!"  So, I just came home, made a baked spaghetti, did my nails, and took a nap. :)  I guess that means I need to do something productive this evening and tomorrow to make up for my lazy Monday.

 The past couple of days, I did half moon nails.  I'm really loving this trend. :)  For this first one, I asked my husband, "which color should I paint my nails?," and he said, "purple."  I think that was a smart choice. :)  Here I am wearing Essie's Sexy Divide over Essie's Play Date.  To create the half moon, I used a circle band-aid technique that can be found at Andrea's Choice on youtube. 

Then today, when I was at Ulta, I saw this cute OPI duo.  It has two colors, a cute nail clipper, and mermaid tweezers.  The pink is called La Paz-itively Hot, and the orange jelly is called Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?  Those names are too cute!

So, of course I had to try the half moons out with these too, right?  I had to take these photos with my left hand...and the button is on the right side so please pardon the quality. ;)

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!  Y'all come back, ya hear?

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