Saturday, April 14, 2012

NOTD - Glow in the Dark

  Oh my gosh. It is only 9:30, and I'm so sleepy I can't stand it. I've had a hard day of shopping, napping, and awards banquet-ing. ;)  It is Saturday night though, so I should probably stay up at least long enough to blog, right??

  Recently, I heard that Forever21 had some awesome nail polish.  So, I went to their website, and picked out a few lovely polishes to add to the collection.  The name of their polishes is Love & Beauty, and they have a TON of amazing shades and glitters. I was so excited when I saw the package in the mailbox!

 What an exciting haul!!  All these polishes have names on the back label, but the names on the website are different.  If you need to know which label name matches what website name, I can provide that. :)

These 3 are neon and glow in the dark.  I picked yellow, green, and apricot.

 The next 3 glittery ones are Turquoise, Dark Blue, and Lime.  Upon first glance, they are a bit on the sheer side, and darker than they appear in the picture. :)

 Pink/Silver is a pink jelly with silver shimmer and stars.  Magenta is an amazing deep magenta/fuchsia.  Fuchsia/Silver is clear with fuchsia/purple and silver hex glitter.

 Silver has small and larger silver holographic glitters.  Black/silver is a dark grey jelly with tiny holo bar glitter.  Multi is a clear base with silver, green, pink, and blue hex glitter.

The first one here is also named Multi, but it is a clear base with tiny blue and pink/red glitter with hexes in the same colors.  Green/clear has green and silver hex glitter.  Purple has tiny purple glitter and larger silver hex glitter. Midnight (which is shown here with a black label and again in the next picture with a white label...apparently I bought two) has tiny blue glitter with larger silver hex glitter.

Dark blue is seen here again...apparently I bought two of those as well.  Blue/clear is a very light blue jelly (almost clear) with itty bitty shimmer and blue stars.

I guess since I bought two different pairs of the same polish, if I ever have a give away, those will be included. ;)

Now onto my Nail of the Day!   I decided to try out my yellow and green glow in the dark polishes by love and beauty.  I first applied Essie's protein base coat and then what seemed like a million coats of the polishes.  Really, it was probably 7.  After the first 2 coats I thought I would hate it, but I kept going, and now I love it. They really glow in the dark too! (sadly I haven't mastered that photography technique yet)

Alright, now I can go to bed! That is unless the glow keeps me up. ;)  Wesley is currently working hard on his write up on how he made my nail polish rack.  Check back tomorrow for that post!  Thanks for stopping by!