Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spotty Dotty Sunday!

Today's NOTD was created by using the ball end of a push-pin dipped in a white nail polish by Sally Hansen over yesterday's glow in the dark nail.  The glow of the mani is so fun that I didn't want to give it up yet, and it hasn't chipped a bit.  I'm actually hoping this one will last me until Tuesday afternoon because I work 14 hours on Monday, and I doubt I'll want to redo my nails after work!  

It was SO easy to do these dots, and I can't wait to try the technique again!  My nails kind of remind me of some sort of fantasy land mushrooms. :)


  1. Love 'em! Makes me wanna go play my retro SuperMarioBros game (the orginal!)

  2. That's what I thought of too!