Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Holographic Hump-Day!

 Happy hump day! Today is more like my Saturday since I have to go back to work Friday and work all weekend, but to those of you with normal schedules, you're almost there!  Today I have some really exciting polishes to share.  I hope you all have good computers because this post is going to be pretty picture heavy.

So, I went to Ulta today and bought an embarrassing amount of nail polish.  I already had "enough" polish when I was headed to the checkout line, and then something amazing caught my eye -- Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish. OMG. I'm in love.  I better be too because I bought 4, and I didn't realize how much they were until I got home.  They were $15.50! That's more than my Butter London polishes! Ouch! Luckily, I do love them, but if I would have paid attention I would have just bought two.  I thought they were about $8..not sure how I missed that.

Anyway, these are the ones I bought (pictured below from left to right):  07 Ocean Rush, 03 Retro Pink, 04 Ultra Violet, and 06 Mermaid Spell.

When I painted these swatches, I used Essie's Protein Base Coat (bad idea), followed by about 4 coats of each polish, followed by a layer of Seche Vite (kinda bad idea).  After these were painted, I read that using a regular base coat makes for a gloopy mess....which is pretty much true.  I was hard to get the polish to go on how I wanted.  I did finally get it to where I was happy with it though.  Layla has a special file you're suppose to buff your nail with, or there are special Aqua base coats for these.  Apparently, I should have bought it.  Maybe I will.  I also read that a top coat dulls the holographic effect, but I didn't see much difference.  It did, however, take me forever to figure out how to photograph them properly.

These are in the sun.

 The next couple are taken in the shade with flash.

Now we're in the sun again.

You can sort of see the rainbows in those, but honestly, the pictures don't do the polish justice at all.

Then I decided to take the swatches off, and do all four fingers in Ultra Violet since it seemed to look the best.  This time I did not use a base or a top coat.  I still used 3 or 4 coats of polish.  Then, I experimented with different angles and sun exposure to get the best pics possible.

In Sunlight


In the Shade

 The ones that I took while looking down on the nails in the sun turned out the best in my opinion. :)

Ok, you get the point. haha. Beautiful, huh?

Last, but not least, I have a lovely polish by Claire's called Night Sky.  It is a gorgeous blue glitter with glitter holos. :) It is so sparkly, and I love it!  It seems like it is the blue version of the glitter polish I posted in my first post.

In the shade

In Sunlight

 Again, here the pictures don't do the polish justice.  If anyone knows how to take awesome pictures of glitter polish, let me know in the comments. :)  I hope it is a gorgeous day wherever you are. Let me know what your favorite glitter or holographic nail polish is, and thanks for stopping by!

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