Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paint Drip Nails

Long time no blog! I've been super busy! I worked 14 hrs on both last Wednesday and Thursday.  Then, Friday I hopped on a plane to Minnesota for a bachelorette party, bridal shower, and breast cancer walk.  It was extremely fun, but extremely exhausting!!  While I was there I painted the bride's nails, and one of the bridesmaids painted her own nails with my polish.  It was hot pink, and she had never had nails that bright before! 

Jessica, Me, and Joanna

Today, I decided to try a paint drip manicure.  First, I painted two coats of Spoiled's Show Me Some Skin.  Then, I used a large dotting tool to dot and spread the colorful paint drips.  From thumb to pinky I used Under the Sea by the Loft, Essie's Orange, It's Obvious, Spoiled's 2 Weeks Sober (which looks more blue than purple), Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze, and Flyin' High by China Glaze.

This was my first time using nude nail polish. I think I'll use it more often!

On my right hand, I used the same colors, but I used the chevron kiss french nail things (sorry...don't know the correct term).  I was excited about the concept, but I let my (straight) guy friend apply them so I'll blame him if they aren't perfect.

I think Minnesota did a number on my cuticles and body in general...time to go show them some TLC!

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