Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Today is Halloween! I have to work 3-10 tonight so I will be missing out on all the cute Trick-or-Treat-ers, but hopefully the hubs will go buy some candy and take care of them. :)

This is my last Halloween post from the week.  It was really fun, but pretty hard to do, especially my right hand.  For the first set I have black nails (I left my day of the dead decal on my ring finer) with a skull, ghost, and spooky eyes.  For the base I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Midnight in NY which is a sparkly black. Then for the black and white nail art I used Claire's two way nail art pens and brush in white and black.  Despite my shaky hand, I think they're cute. :)

 Next, I have my right hand. :)  I left my candy corn nails on two of my fingers, and added little black spiders with Claire's nail art pen and brush. I feel like they look like 8 legged ticks though. lol. Oh well.  Then, on my ring and index fingers I used the same Sally Hansen Midnight in NY as a base. For the green stem and jack-o-lantern faces I used some awesome nail art pen/brush set that I found at PacSun yesterday.  I think npw is the brand maybe?  I was super happy about the purchase though because it came with 5 colors - blue, magenta, yellow, orange, and green for $13.50.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fun and safe Halloween!!!

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