Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sun Changing Polish from Claire's

Today I tested Claire's Sun Changing nail polish.  Their cosmetics are buy 2 get one free so I bought 3 of them.  I think they have 5 or 6, but these are the ones I liked most. The blue/green glitter is Here Comes the Sun. The pink/purple is Day Dreamer, and The grey pink one is also called Day Dreamer...that doesn't seem right. One of them is probably mislabeled.  Oh well.

The first few pictures are indoor pictures.

I decided to try the grey/pink polish on my nails.  I applied about 4 coats to get a nice coverage that wasn't see-through. I also hit it with Envi Nail Enamel Dryer so I think that's why it kind of shrunk at the tip of my middle finger. I didn't use a top coat either.  I don't know if that would affect the sun changing qualities, but I kind of doubt it.

Next, we have swatches in the sun.

Below is the same grey polish in the Sun!  I was really impressed!!

Cool, huh?  These would be fun to use during the summer when you go from indoors to outdoors often. :)  Thanks for stopping by!

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